Back to school

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It’s hard to believe that it’s the last week of summer break! Where has all the time gone? Next week I will be headed back to my job as a Paraprofessional. As I try to enjoy the last week it is also a time of preparation. I am picked out the perfect satchel and lunch bag. I am also deciding on a first day outfit and scheduling to get my hair done. These may sound like silly things but they help me to approach the school year with confidence.

I can remember approaching a new school year with a mixture of hesitation and determination. I was held back in Kindergarten and being held back was always a great fear of mine. Thankfully I was only held back once. I was also fearful that I couldn’t handle the work and would not do well. I also had to learn to trust the process of learning. As a young child I was often discouraged and frustrated. I would study for a test and still do poorly. Learning was difficult for me until I found the accommodations that worked and things that I was good at.

I was always determined to do well though. At the start of every school year I thought this would be the year I would master math and become popular. Neither one of those dreams happened, but I found success in other ways. My grades improved in other subjects if I used accommodations, and broke information into small chunks. I may not have made lots of friends in school, but with people outside of the community. Many of these relationships have lasted past twenty years.

It’s important that we encourage students to approach the school year with confidence and enthusiasm. Each student has their own strengths and things to work on. I can remember the teachers who encouraged me and helped me to work on things I struggled with. I had the opportunity to thank one of my first Learning Support teachers this summer. Her encouragement and instruction laid the foundation for academic success. I try to encourage the students I work with to approach school with confidence. I remember being the scared and frustrated student. I now realize how a positive encouraging educator and supportive family can make the difference in the life of a child.

Ready or not the first day of school is coming soon! I hope that I can be the positive influence that makes the difference in the life of a student. What preparations are you making for the new school year? What was some of your memorable school experiences? Let me know in the comments, your plans for the upcoming school year or a school memory.

8 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I was bullied because I was very overweight. No one did anything. My parents were afraid to “rock the boat” because the bullies’s
    parents were very prominent people in our community. I still remember the hurt,


  2. I’m also a paraprofessional i nervous for this school year because I’m student is going into 8th grade and I see so much of me in her I was the quiet kid and I also got left back in 1st grade I was bullied also that’s why I became a para so students don’t have feel alone if it wasn’t for my para and teachers that was there to encourage me I don’t know where I would be I spent my summer trying to come up with ways to get my student to open up more and me confident this is our last year together and I’m trying to prepare her for high school enjoyed your blog and I hope you have an amazing first day

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